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Reset yourself once in a while…

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Based on my own experience this summer, I would like to recommend a 3-day “reset vacation” every year, where you take a short break from life and reset yourself.

First of all be alone if you can. If you really need it, bring alone your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse of course. But you should definitely be without the kids since the concept of “resetting” and “kids” totally mismatch.

Next , be close to nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re by the sea or at the mountains. The core concept is that you choose a quiet place close to nature,  since nature helps you open up to yourself.

You should pack light as well. Only essential things…You definitely don’t need neither to struggle to carry your luggage nor to waste time selecting clothing on a “reset” vacation. Please don’t get tempted to bring books either. Yes, you really wanted to read that book and never found the time for it but this is a special vacation and you will find plenty of time to read books on other vacations.

Newspapers, TV, social media are also banned.…For a short time get away from everything. Even music should be kept at minimum, you should listen to nature as much as you can.

If you can’t totally disconnect because of your job at least designate special “connection times” and minimize them to 3 times a day: morning / noon / late afternoon. Don’t even look at WhatsApp’s, someone with urgent needs would call you anyway.  Trust me, your world will not collapse when you cut off your communication for 3 days. Enjoy every moment being completely in the “here and now”, being aware of the beauty of nature with all your senses.

Take a break from all your worries and all your plans for the future as well. They will be waiting for you quietly these days and you can pick them up again after your reset vacation.

If possible, don’t drink alcohol these 3 days in order to be more aware of everything. Eat light. Let your body be as light as your soul.

The first day is your relaxation day…A day of just “being” without worrying of what to do…Set yourself totally free….… If you want to lie lazily do it. Sometimes it’s good to just do nothing…. Do whatever you want : swim, walk but don’t get harsh on yourself, you’re not here to accomplish something. Whatever you do, even when you’re doing nothing, be present with all your senses, living fully every moment without getting caught in thoughts.

If you’re by the sea, swim as if there is only the sky and the sea in your life right now; be one with the sea as if it completes you. Be aware of the different shades of the blue, of the smells, the sound of the waves.Feel the sensations in your body and the lightness created by the salted water. If you walk, feel your feet on the ground, the bird on the tree, all the colors of nature, the sound of the wind on the leaves. Be there with all your being and all your senses. Try to feel as much as possible as long as possible.

Eat slow, drink slow…Sensing and enjoying every bite…Feeling every sip. What’s the hurry?

Thoughts will always come of course, that’s the way our mind works. But the good news is you don’t have to get lost into thoughts…Let them come and go as the clouds in the sky. Just follow them without getting involved as if you’re watching a movie screen. Next week’s payment, finding a guitar teacher for your son, your colleague not inviting you to the important meeting….Let them pass through without chasing them but just following them. Be aware that you’re thinking irrelevant things and bring back yourself to the present moment and place. I call it “meditating through life” and it’s an adaptation of the popular “mindfulness” techniques to everyday life. At the beginning it might not be so easy, just be kind to yourself and keep trying as much as you can. Add a little richness to your experience of living.

The other 2 days are “Revision” days. Continue to just “being” but additionally setup some time to revise your life. Revise your relationships, your friendships…Revise and find out the things that steal your energy …Notice the things that makes you happy. What do you do in a week? Make a total clean out in your life,  dust off everything not needed….Be brave, it’s decision  time if you have a relationship that you keep going out of fear of loneliness or by habit. It’s time to end your friendship that steal your energy and does not good to you.

Revise your days. How can you add things that make you happy? How can you reduce things that steal your energy and put you down? Try to delegate those that you don’t like to do or ask yourself if you can totally eliminate them from your life. Make a list of things that make you happy but that you cannot find the time to do. Try to find out how you can include some of them into your daily routine.

And feel the lightness of being ….

I go one step ahead and suggest starting to reset yourself even before your vacation. Use the last week to clean your emails, organize your files, throwing or giving out unused things and clothes, …Start your vacation already lightened up. Then during these 3 days off, continue to lighten up, reset and renew.





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