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What are you worrying about ? Real facts or your mind’s fiction?

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I bet we would have gotten 5 different answers from 5 people looking to the same cover photo of this article when asked “What do you see?” … They would all have answered based on different issues such as their emotional state, past experiences and creativity. In fact, they would have answered through their mind’s interpretation of the photo. But the real fact is that this is a photo of a rolled credit card slip standing on a black table. And that is the only truth.

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Taking Off Our Masks

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“Don’t be fooled by me.

Don’t be fooled by the face I wear

for I wear a mask, a thousand masks,

masks that I’m afraid to take off,

and none of them is me”.          

Excerpt from Charles C Finn “PLEASE HEAR WHAT I’M NOT SAYING”

This is a poem that I like a lot, because it’s so real. Yes, we all have masks. Masks that we developed starting from our childhood in order to adapt to different situations and environments.

I often hear moms complaining “Oh, my son is a pain in the ass at home but he’s an angel at school “ and I think “In order to be loved and accepted your son is putting his angel mask at school, but of course he gets so tired of wearing it all day long that when he gets home he behaves even worst than he normally is”

As another example, let’s think of how we behave on a first date. Are we totally ourselves? Or are we putting on masks, masks that would impress the other and hide our shadows? And can you feel all the pressure of the weight of these masks on our souls?

Please stop for a minute and observe the people around you in your job, at a cocktail, at a gathering with friends : just so few of them are undisguised and behave transparently. You can just observe most of them trying to appear happier, stronger, more intelligent, more courageous, more caring than he/she really is.

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