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Chueca is one of the most vibrant and authentic neighborhoods of Madrid. Host to the LGBT community, its streets are full of stylish boutiques, trendy cafes and restaurants, popular bars and nightclubs.

The metro station of Chueca is in the middle of the Plaza de Chueca which was named after the famous Spanish compositor Frederico Chueca (1846-1908) . It´s a popular square on sunny days with people sitting around and enjoying their drinks and meals. Walking down the narrow street you arrive to Mercado San Anton, one of the most emblematic places of Chueca. Its first floor is a “mercado” (market) where you can buy different products from charcuterie to fish or meat. So if you want to buy a good “Manchego” cheese or some nice “Jamon Iberico” you should not miss it! Its second floor is like a modern but smaller version of Mercado San Miguel where you can grab your tapas from various stands all around. Of course  the authentic Mercado San Miguel has a special place in my heart but if you are visiting the neighborhood and you are hungry , stopping by Mercado San Anton is a must. The third floor is a terrace floor restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal in a nice ambiance.

After Mercado San Anton, I would suggest you take the street Calle de Augusto Figueroa if you need to buy some shoes. Both sides of the street have shoe shops of all sorts so that it is guaranteed that you will find something for your taste.


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